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How it works?

The IPMD team of dispatchers and couriers are skilled and proffesional in the know how of medical transportaion. Typically, our couriers will pick up the package within 90 minutes or less. Simply call 630-428-3232 and request same day service and a driver will be immediately be dispatched to the pickup location.

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Package & Medical Delivery Services

When it comes to health, time matters...

IPMD now offers RUSH SERVICE and SCHEDULED DELIVERY SERVICES with just a call away... (630)428-3232

Package Delivery

Not a medical package? No problem, we offer local and long distance package delivery for any reason.

Hospital Deliveries

Medical Supply Deliveries

Couriers are HIPAA, Hazmat, and Biohazard Transport and Clean up trained utilizing the Medical Transporation training portal. This includes but not limited to: Medication, Biological Specimans, surgical supplies and lab tests.

Non-Emergency Medical Transporation

We offer and specialize in transportation to and from Hospital visits and clinic appointments. Call your insurance provider and see if you qualify for Non-Emergency Transporation for free, or call 630-428-3232 for a quote.


Questions and Answers.


Do I have to bring my parcel to you?

No, we will pick up at your designated location at a time of your convience.

How do I pay?

You can pay over the phone using a credit card or we can collect cash or check at the collection or delivery point. We also offer corporate and commercial accounts, please call or email for more information.

Do you offer next day service?

Yes, we offer future scheduled courrier services. We also offer reoccuring pickups like payroll.

Can I contact you after the office is closed?

Yes, after the office is closed, which is around 8pm weekdays, you may contact us through email or receive and book deliveries online 24/7. Even though we are not answering the phones, we are still working behind the scenes to make sure all packages are on time and safe.




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